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Find your ideal residential property with Prestige Real Estate Brokerage, our area’s top real estate team. Browse houses, townhouses, condos and other properties in London, St. Thomas, and the surrounding area and discover a place you can call home!

We know London & The Surrounding Areas

Those of you moving within the city may be looking at a new neighbourhood to suit a changing lifestyle. Whatever your familiarity with the city, we know every neighbourhood and can help choose what is best fit for you.

Those of you moving to London and the surrounding areas from outside the city have an even larger transition. Congratulations and welcome as you make the move to such a diverse and exciting city!

London has so much to offer. With our comprehensive network of professional contacts throughout the city, in a wide-range of communities, the Prestige Real Estate Brokerage can help you explore the characteristics that are most important to you.

Home Ownership is a Big Decision

For most, it’s the largest financial investment one will ever make. It’s important to do it right! We will take the time to understand each of your wants and needs, gather useful, tailored information to help you make a well-informed decision. When it comes to making the purchase, we will negotiate the best possible price on your behalf.

Whether you’re looking at a new build, a resale home, or a condo, my services are free. We will save you time and money that you can put towards your new home, and we will help you avoid major pitfalls throughout your home buying experience.

When buying, it’s important to keep the following in mind:
Know the Total Cost of Buying:

It’s important to be informed of all the costs involved with buying. We can help you properly budget for all the costs involved: from land transfer taxes, mortgage insurance, legal fees, appraisals, utility start ups, home inspectors, and movers.

Be Realistic:

Location, layout, amenities, finishes, and upgrades all factor in determining value. Unless you have an unlimited budget and the perfect building lot, some sacrifices will need to be made. It’s important to determine what is most important to you (Needs) and what would be nice but isn’t necessarily a deal breaker (Wants) to help streamline and narrow your search.

Have Pre-Approved Financing:

Be sure to have pre-approved financing before you start your search. Talk to a mortgage specialist to determine what you can afford, and more importantly, what you feel comfortable paying. Together, your mortgage specialist and the Prestige Brokerage team can help you understand the total cost of buying, factoring in property taxes, land transfer taxes, CMHC fees, and additional closing costs that are often overlooked.

Hire a Great Lawyer:

It’s important to hire a real estate lawyer to protect your investment. They should:

Have a Home Inspection:

Before being bound by an Agreement to Purchase, it’s important to have your investment inspected by a qualified home inspector. A home inspector works independently and can identify any ‘red flag’ problem in the past, things that are unsafe, or things that can be costly down the road. We always recommend a home inspection because a few hundred dollars now ($250-$500 varies depending on the inspector & type of property) can save you thousands later.

Meet with an Insurance Broker:

An insurance broker can help you with your insurance needs, including property insurance and mortgage life insurance. Lenders insist on property insurance because your property is their security for your loan.

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